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Death, loss and saying goodbye.

Death and loss. These things are amazing reminders of how small we are yet how far reaching our influence on others can be. As I write this from New Mexico, across the country, a mentor and dear friend is laying in a bed in Florida, about to take his final breath and take his [...]

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Talk Tuesday – Ep 00 – Robert Smith Presents introduces new video segment, Talk Tuesday.

(Albuquerque, NM) - Robert Smith Presents announced a new project today called, Talk Tuesday. The video segment will air every Tuesday through the end of December. The videos are specifically designed to be quick in order to facilitate the rapid paced world of social media. Topics covered on the 11-week video series includes introductions to [...]

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Interview with Arthritis National Research Foundation (2 of 2)

From the Arthritis National Research Foundation: When we last talked with magician and psoriatic arthritis sufferer, Robert Smith, he was working on his Find Your Win project and giving back to charities by performing his signature magic acts. Though he was technically in clinical remission, he still experienced painful flares. Today, catching up with Robert, [...]

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Taking responsibility for our situation.

Robert Smith I spent the early years of my disease management not managing my disease. That's because I refused to even go to the rheumatologist to get evaluated and tested. I knew what I had. But somehow I felt like if I ignored it and choked down enough ibuprofen, suddenly I'd get better. That delay [...]

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Interview with Arthritis National Research Foundation (Part 1 of 2)

Last month I did an interview with the Arthritis National Research Foundation. The focus of the interview was me performing with psoriatic arthritis. Here's an excerpt. FIND YOUR WIN: Magic through Psoriatic Arthritis Robert Smith, age 32, was first diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at age 22. For the last ten years he has been battling [...]

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A Decision That Changed My Life

When I was first diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis I had already been living with pain for almost two years. Initially I kept telling myself the searing pain in my foot was from an injury I had when I landed badly on my foot two years earlier. I couldn't tell you why I was in denial. [...]

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