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Businesses, associations and organizations need to understand just how powerful marketing is using the 6-8 social media platforms that dominate our culture. Click here for more.


This talk shares Robert’s journey of going from a $15,000/year job to running a thriving entertainment business. Discover the 4 principles Robert used to unlock his own potential. Click here to learn more.


It’s 2017. Are you still marketing like it it’s 2003 or worse, 1994?

Never in the history of human beings has there been this kind of opportunity to communicate the stories of our brands and organizations. But, just like with every other communication shift throughout human evolution, there are those slow to pick it up.  Robert will take this talk deep into the practionership of marketing & story telling on the 6-8 social media platforms that dominate our lives.

Presentation Time(s) may be tailored to your event. Typical times are 25 minutes, 45-minutes or a full 60-70 minute keynote plus Q&A.


  • Discover the difference between FB “boosted” posts and “unpublished” posts, and why the unpublished post is the great ad product ever created.
  • How to leverage data on these platforms to say thank you, and do so in ways you never thought possible.
  • A Snapchat feature that could potentially generate tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views, for pennies on the dollar.
  • The incredible power of, “hashtag culture,” on Instagram on Twitter.

How one change grew a floundering career into a successful business.

Every day we face our own self-imposed limitations. They dictate so much about how we live our lives.

I don’t think I can succeed.
I struggle to lose weight.
I can’t do that.

They’re thoughts that ultimately create a toxic environment of failure within our own minds. In the LIMITLESS presentation, Robert will share a powerful story about the one change he made which ultimately took him from a floundering income of $15,000/year, to a full-time career, traveling all over America with a viable business.

Presentation Time(s) may be tailored to your event. Typical times are 25 minutes, 45-minutes or a full 60-70 minute keynote plus Q&A.

Presentation Includes

  • 4 things you can do every day to activate your LIMITLESS potential.
  • Mind-blowing magic.
  • Interactions to keep your audience engaged.
  • Audience Q&A if requested.
  • Breakout sessions available.


“You’re a good presenter! Your delivery is excellent and the story reaches the audience very well.”

Darryl Gregerson, Tanager River Investment Properties, LLC.

“Excellent presentation! Very insightful with a good message. Very appropriate for the audience.”

Bill Kesselring, Eagle Watch Investigations

“Great presentation on perseverance, living the dream and enjoying life!”

Don Miers, Osceola County Sports & Events Facilities

“Best presentation I’ve seen since joining Rotary. You are a captivating speaker with a great story & message.”

Nadine Chaves-Maes, Rio Rancho Rotary Club

“I really enjoyed it and will keep an eye out for it!”

Arkulas Beyer, TechNuts

“Your presentation was excellent!”

Sloan Carr, Carr CPAs, LLC.

“Great presentation. Personable and relatable.”

Darrin Whipple, Blue Squid Solutions, Inc.

“Thank you for the 1st motivational speech I’ve seen this year. I appreciate your hard work.”

Jerry Reeder, Rio Rancho Public Schools

“Excellent talking point with a lesson for all! There still may be hope for me to make my first million!”

Jim Maes, US Forest Service (Retired)
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