Robert Smith Presents Makes Two Year Commitment To Western Fairs Association.

(Albuquerque, NM) — Our company is happy to announce a renewed commitment to the Western Fairs Association that will make  us associate members through 2018. That brings our total association memberships to 5 including IAFE, WFA, Texas Fairs, Arizona Fairs & Florida Fairs.

Our company, Robert Smith Presents, provides attractions to fair, festival and corporate clients across America. Our attractions for the fair industry include the Inside Out Magic Show, Play with Giants and our most popular attraction, Conjurer Fortune Machine.

Conjurer Fortune Machine was inspired by the Zoltar Speaks fortune machine featured in the Tom Hanks classic film, Big. In the movie, a young boy makes a wish on an automatic fortune machine to be big so he can be tall enough to get on a carnival ride. The unique twist with Conjurer Fortune Machine? The “machine,” is portrayed by a live character actor.

We had previously been associate members of the Western Fairs Association in 2011 and 2012. In 2012, Sara and I elected not to renew our membership with WFA due to the place our company was in. Conjurer had just been created and we recognized the project was not mature enough to properly sustain that market.

The five year gap allowed us the time to properly develop Conjurer. The act has now been seen at some of the largest fairs in America including three WFA fairs, the Arizona State Fair, LA County Fair and OC Fair.

We’re very excited at this renewed commitment with WFA. Tour schedule permitting, we will be at the WFA convention & trade show in Anaheim in January, 2018.

Our thanks goes to Pam Shultz and Karla Majewski for quietly encouraging us to get involved with WFA again.


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Robert Smith is an entertainer, speaker and consultant. His blockbuster attraction, Conjurer Fortune Machine, has been a hit for fairs, festivals and corporate audiences across America.

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