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Now Offering Professional Audio & Lighting Support

I’m very happy to announce that Sara and I have decided to expand our offerings within the fair & special event market. We’re now offering professional audio & lighting support when booking any of our entertainment attractions.

A New Benefit For Fairs
Has your fair ever passed on using professional audio and lighting on a small stage due to limited budget? Maybe your fair is in a small town without the ability to even rent a system locally? Our company now has you covered. Our Professional Audio & Lighting Support Package is ideally designed for a stage approximately 16′ x 12′. That covers almost any “grounds attraction,” stage in the entire fair & festival market.

Think about this.

You’re investing thousands of dollars into booking grounds acts for your fair. Have you ever booked a magician, juggler or other variety act, only to have them yell because you didn’t have professional audio support? The shows aren’t usually fun for your guests and certainly do not leave a positive impression.

Adding audio & lighting gives that stage and your fair the professional quality look and feel today’s fair guests expect.

What Acts Work Best?
I’ve worked in the fair industry a long time. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a juggler have to use a wired handheld mic on a stand. That kind of set up can literally set the act up for failure. Why do that with your investment? Because of these experiences watching other performers struggle, this audio & lighting package is ideally designed for use by grounds acts such as magicians, jugglers, hypnotists and small music acts.

What Acts Won’t Work So Well?
I’d love to be able to tell you this system can cover absolutely any act you can throw at us. But that’s just not realistic. If the act is a large band, or a musical act that requires stage monitors, in-ear monitors etc, or instrument mics as an example, this system may not be adequate. Also, the system is designed for use by paid, professional attractions and therefore not for use by local community free stage acts.

So What’s Included?
We’ve spoken with many industry professionals who travel with their own audio and lighting gear for their attractions. Of those we spoke to, the equipment we’ve selected was hands down the most recommended and trusted in the industry.

As far as audio goes, we utilize QSC K12 1000W powered speakers. The audio is mixed with an industry leading Mackie ProFX12v2 sound board.

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen in the market is availability of microphones appropriate for the act. As part of this package, we carry standard, (2) wired handheld mics, (1) wireless handheld mic and (1) wireless headset mic. That should cover just about any small grounds act in the industry.

Our lighting is designed to provide a basic light wash for a stage approximately 16′ wide x 12′ deep. It includes 8 Slimpar LED lights from industry leader Chauvet. The LED lights are ultra light weight with 4 being mounted to T-stands on either side of your stage. They’re controlled by an Elation lighting controller.

Why does lighting matter? You want your act seen after dark. I know it sounds silly but many acts in our industry have been asked to perform after dark, illuminated only by a yellow street light high up on a pole. That makes for a miserable show for everyone. Again, you’re investing real money in these acts in hopes of making your fair memorable and fun. This system can give you every opportunity to help the act succeed.

One final thing we include that brings everything together is a 10′ wide by 8′ tall dye sublimation backdrop. It gives a professional touch to your stage. Due to the design of the backdrop, it is recommended for use only on an indoor stage. But get this, for just $125.00, we’ll custom print a backdrop just for your fair with your fair logo. If the stage has a sponsor, we’re happy to include their logo as well.

What Does The Fair Provide?
A stage approximately 16′ x 12′, typically 24″ rise or less, and appropriate seating for the audience. That could be bleachers, chairs or benches. It’s also nice, but certainly not required, if the stage and audience are under cover.

This Is Great. But What’s The Cost?
Ah, the big question. How much is it going to cost the fair? What if I told you, nothing?

Wait! What?

That’s right. For the 2017 calendar year only, when you book any of our attractions, Play with Giants, Conjurer Fortune Machine, or the Inside Out Magic Show, we’ll include professional audio & lighting support for 1 of your stages, absolutely free. Contact us for complete details.

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Robert Smith is an entertainer, speaker and consultant. His blockbuster attraction, Conjurer Fortune Machine, has been a hit for fairs, festivals and corporate audiences across America.


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