New Fortune Cards

All New Fortune Cards To Debut

The old fortune cards which were a white card featuring a fair’s logo or sponsor information are out.

We tried a dozen different variations of the cards over the last 18 months since we started incorporating that information into the cards.

During that time the enthusiasm for the cards plummeted. No one was taking selfies with them. Few were posting a photo of them to their Instagram accounts and almost no one kept the card for any meaningful reason.

In short, in our desire to bring more value to our fair clients & their sponsors, we were actually shorting fair guests of the valuable and unique experience they deserved.

Last month the decision was made to design an all new card with all new fortunes on the back. The new design looks vintage and nostalgic. Even the texture and thickness of the card commands attention.

The printed fortunes themselves are all new and are now meaningful. We hope this will elevate a guest’s experience with Conjurer to a new level.

The new fortune cards will debut at the Sarasota County Fairgrounds March 17-26.

We hope those who interact with Conjurer will enjoy them.

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Robert Smith is an entertainer, speaker and consultant. His blockbuster attraction, Conjurer Fortune Machine, has been a hit for fairs, festivals and corporate audiences across America.

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