(Sarasota, FL) – We debuted all new fortune cards this week at the Sarasota County Fair. In a post earlier this month, I shared the reasons we needed to make the change from our previous card design.

I’m happy to report the new cards have been met with exactly the response I had hoped. Guests are now taking photos with the cards, to post to their social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

There was another key indicator of the success of the cards on Sunday evening when a gentleman came back to Conjurer, pulled out his wallet, and showed me the card he’d received on Friday.

In addition to the new design, there are 6 brand new, never before seen, fortunes printed on the card. They are meaningful and have value for the guests when they walk away with their card.

Thank you to all of you following this journey. I’m grateful to you for your support and encouragement.